Build an App

Develop a ScreenCloud App

Welcome! So you'd like to see your own data and services on your screens? Awesome!

You can build custom apps exactly like those already in the App Store. They use standard web technologies, so if you know HTML and JavaScript, you already know what to do.

And apps are private to you by default. Only organizations you select, like your own, will be able to see them. Need to share those marketing stats with your company, but really want to use a chart visualization you've built yourself? Perfect, a quick custom app is probably the answer.

If you later want to share your work with everyone on the App Store, that's super! Just let us know and we'll make it happen.

Head to the Overview for a quick intro to some key concepts, or go straight to Get Started.

You can use the Github Issues to raise a question to our devs any time, or contact our Support team if the inquiry is confidential.

PS - This is still early days for our 3rd party app support. Some steps are more manual than we'd like, but we'll call them out clearly and wherever we can help, we're happy to.

We'd really appreciate your feedback on what's painful or confusing so we know where to focus our efforts next.