Build an App

Add to App Store

To run your app in Studio, you'll need to add it to the App Store.

To do this, fill out either of the forms below with the details we need, and we'll add it for you asap.

(In the future, we will make this self-service. Sorry for the manual step until then, we promise we'll turn it around as fast as we can for you!)

Add an App for Development

If you're starting to develop a new app, you don't need to worry about all the details like screenshots and app descriptions yet.

This form asks for the bare minimum to get you going, and we'll provide filler details for the rest.

Click to load the Develop an App on ScreenCloud form.

Publish an App

When you've built your app (or if you knew all the details upfront in development already!), it's time to polish up the App Store tile and descriptions.

Click to load the Release an App on ScreenCloud form.

For questions about what any of these questions mean, feel free to get in touch any time.

Making Updates

As you host the app yourself, you can push code updates at any time.

To update the details provided on the forms above any time, it's no problem. You can reply to the message we sent after adding your app with your changes, and we'll make them in no time.