Build an App


An app lets you build experiences for screens with your own features and systems, and your own design.

All apps are simply webapps, or even just a single webpage. You use the same techniques you use to build any other webpage, so you can build in React, Vue, Angular, plain JavaScript, or any tool you prefer.

You host the app anywhere you like, and can update it any time just by pushing the updates to your own site.

In effect, we want to help you get on screen, then get back out of your way!


Studio is the CMS where users manage all of their screens and the content on them.

An app is a webpage, integrated with ScreenCloud using our web SDK.

Apps run on a Player. The Player is the ScreenCloud product you install on your TV/FireStick/Chromebit etc. It handles things like pairing to your ScreenCloud account, scheduling, and zones.

The App Store is the page inside Studio that lists all of the apps available to you. This is where users will read about your app and install it.

Apps can be Private or Public. Private apps will only be available to your own organisation, or others you explicitly ask us to enable them for.

Apps take configuration from the user. For example, to install the Clock app a user would tell us which timezone they want to display. This config data is then given to the app when it runs on the Player so it knows what to show.

All good so far? Then let's get started on your first app!