Studio Service

Get an API Token

Get a Token

The Studio API uses bearer token authentication.

  1. Login to ScreenCloud Studio.

  2. Click on user profile button in the lower left corner.

  3. Click on Account Settings

  4. From the Account Settings page, click on the DEVELOPER tab.

  5. Click on New Token.

  6. Select the permissions you will allow for this token.

    If you're just testing things out, Grant full access is the easiest option.

  7. Give the token a name for your reference.

  8. Click Create Key.

  9. Copy the API Key. You won't see it again.

Using the API token

  1. Paste your API token in your GraphQL browser or save it in your ENV for programmatic use. The header format is Authorization: Bearer YOUR_KEY_HERE. If your GraphQL browser only supports JSON-style headers, the format will be:
{"Authorization": "Bearer YOUR_KEY_HERE"}
  1. Copy and paste the GraphQL Endpoint listed on the DEVELOPER tab in Studio. Note that this may differ depending on your organization's region.
  2. Try a test query, such as
query {
  1. If it works, you're ready to go and can explore the GraphQL Reference or simply explore the docs from within your GraphQL browser.